Frame Tents

Our frame tents offer practical solutions for a wide range of events. These traditional tents are available in various width configurations, making them ideal for small and medium-sized gatherings. With no center pole to limit your layout options and a distinctive scalloped overhang, frame tents provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Choose from 10’ wide, 20’ wide, 30’ wide, and 40’ wide tent configurations, with lengths spanning in 10′ increments.

Frame tents feature a scalloped overhang that adds an elegant touch to your event. You can also enhance the atmosphere with globe lighting systems, curtains, and sidewall options.

Frame tents have an internal, visible frame for stability and support, and the absence of a center pole maximizes interior space, allowing for flexible layout arrangements.

  • Ultra-Deck Flooring
  • SurLoc Flooring
  • Lay-Down Flooring
  • Elevated Flooring
  • Stage Flooring
  • Low Bay Lighting
  • Par-Can Lighting
  • Bead Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting with Dimmers
  • Clear
  • Partial Clear
  • Full Glass
  • Flat Liners
  • Pleated Liners
  • Wall Liners
  • Ceiling Liners
  • Solid White Walls
  • Window Walls
  • Full Clear Walls
  • Hard Plastic Walls
  • Insulated Walls
  • Full Glass Walls
  • Air Conditioning (With or Without Portable Power)
  • Heating (With or Without Portable Power)

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or an intimate gathering, our frame tents provide a versatile and stylish shelter option. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and find the perfect frame tent for your event needs.

  • Delivery Fees
  • Labor and Tent Setup
  • Fire and Zoning Permits (If Required)
  • Equipment Breakdown
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