Wedding Tents

Elevate your special day with the enchanting ambiance of Wedding Tents from InTents Services. Whether you envision an intimate backyard celebration or a grand ceremony at an exquisite location, our wedding reception tents provide the perfect canvas for crafting cherished memories.

Craft a personalized wedding venue that matches your unique style and vision by customizing your wedding tent with optional accessories such as liners, walls, flooring, lighting, tops, and climate control.

Rely on our experienced tent experts to guide you through the selection process and match your needs and budget.

Experience a climate-controlled environment that shields your guests from unpredictable weather conditions, ensuring comfort throughout your outdoor celebration against rain, heatwaves, and chilly temperatures.

  • Ultra-Deck Flooring
  • SurLoc Flooring
  • Lay-Down Flooring
  • Elevated Flooring
  • Stage Flooring
  • Low Bay Lighting
  • Par-Can Lighting
  • Bead Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting with Dimmers
  • Clear
  • Partial Clear
  • Full Glass
  • Flat Liners
  • Pleated Liners
  • Wall Liners
  • Ceiling Liners
  • Solid White Walls
  • Window Walls
  • Full Clear Walls
  • Hard Plastic Walls
  • Insulated Walls
  • Full Glass Walls
  • Air Conditioning (With or Without Portable Power)
  • Heating (With or Without Portable Power)

Contact us today for a customized quote tailored to your unique wedding tent needs. Our comprehensive proposals include:

  • Delivery Fees
  • Labor and Tent Setup
  • Fire and Zoning Permits (If Required)
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Dedicated Sales Representative to Address Your Inquiries