Flooring & Carpet

Customize the ambiance and comfort of your structures with top-quality tent flooring and carpet options from InTents Services. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, private party, or manufacturing facility, our diverse selection of flooring materials and carpets will help you set the right tone for your space.


Create safe, rigid flooring with optimal load-bearing capacity while preserving the natural surfaces underneath. UltraDeck’s unique rib pattern design minimizes surface contact, preventing turf burn and browning. Cross-module drainage channels ensure water doesn’t accumulate, allowing for normal drainage even during rainy conditions.


Build semi-permanent portable roadways and working platforms capable of supporting vehicles and equipment weighing up to 80 tons. DuraDeck’s flexibility allows it to conform to ground contours without cracking or breaking, making it suitable for a variety of surfaces, including those required for food service structures.

Modular Flooring

Achieve a pristine event surface with adaptable modular flooring systems. These systems can accommodate uneven terrain, providing a level solid floor that can be covered with your choice of turf or carpet.

Scaffold Flooring

Transform uneven landscapes into seamless surfaces with our innovative scaffold flooring systems. Whether you need to create raised seating areas for optimal viewing or lift temporary structures off the ground to compensate for irregular landscapes, our scaffold flooring systems are constructed from durable materials like steel tubing, wooden timbers, and heavy-duty plywood.


Our premium flooring systems are engineered to provide stable surfaces capable of withstanding high traffic and demanding environments.


Our flooring materials are adaptable to various subsurfaces, such as concrete, gravel, grass, sand, and more.

Safety is our top priority at InTents Services. From industrial carpets in standard colors to plush carpets in vibrant shades, we offer flooring solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to erecting secure structures with safe and reliable flooring systems to ensure your event or project proceeds without a hitch.