Tent Applications

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Comprehensive Tent Solutions

At InTents Services, we’re more than a tent provider – we’re your partner in making your ideas come to life. Our offerings extend beyond mere rentals; they cater to diverse needs, whether it’s a one-time event or a long-term project.

Leading the Industry

As the largest distributor in the United States for LIRI-manufactured clear span tents, we offer a comprehensive inventory that includes both stock options and customizable build-outs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver unmatched service and top-tier equipment.

For the Long Haul

If your tent needs are regular and recurring, purchasing a structure from InTents Services could be the ideal choice. Whether for your business premises or private gatherings, our sales inventory is ready to meet your requirements.

Ready to Go

We maintain a well-stocked inventory, ensuring you always have a tent solution at your fingertips. In the rare event a specific tent is temporarily out of stock, our special order process ensures you still get the exact tent you need, when you need it.

Complete Package

Our sales inventory comprises complete packaged tents and essential tent accessories, including doors, lights, tables, chairs, and flooring. Discover seamless options for your event by speaking with our experts.

Tailored Timelines

Whether it’s a one-day event or a multi-year project, our rental options accommodate various timeframes. Renting a tent ensures cost-effectiveness, particularly for short-term needs.

Accessories Included

Our rental packages encompass a comprehensive range of accessories, guaranteeing your event or project has everything it needs to shine.

Quality Assured

We take pride in maintaining our equipment in impeccable condition. Most of our tents are less than a year old, providing you with reliable structures that uphold professional standards.

Clear Span Structures

Explore the advantages of our clear span-style tents, offering unobstructed space and flexibility.

Benefits: No interior poles, spacious interiors, adaptable configurations
Applications: Large events, industrial use, warehousing, temporary structures

Industrial Structures

Explore our industrial-grade tent structures designed to meet the needs of diverse industries.

Benefits: Sturdy construction, flexible layouts, adaptable for long-term use
Applications: Construction sites, manufacturing, storage, refineries, agriculture

Event Tents

Learn about our event tents tailored for different occasions, providing protection and ambiance.

Benefits: Customizable, weatherproof, various styles and designs
Applications: Weddings, galas, concerts, parties, trade shows

Frame Tents

Our frame tents provide a charming and functional solution for your event needs.

Benefits: Layout flexibility, size variety, practical design
Applications: Casual gatherings, small and mid-sized events, fairs, outdoor markets

Fabricated & Specialized Structures

Explore specialized tent solutions designed for unique purposes and industries.

Benefits: Tailored to specific needs, versatile designs, efficient solutions
Applications: Military, disaster relief, environmental projects, temporary housing

Wedding Tents

Our wedding reception tents provide the perfect canvas for crafting cherished memories.

Benefits: Climate-control, year-round availability, various design options
Accessories & Options: Walls, flooring, lighting, tables & seating, A/V

Lunch Tents

InTents Services specializes in constructing climate-controlled lunch tents and break facilities for your job site.

Benefits: Shade and comfort, flexible capacity, modular solutions
Applications: Construction sites, refineries, corporate gatherings

Disaster Relief Structures

We understand that severe weather can strike without warning — that’s where our disaster relief tents come in.

Benefits: Swift mobilization, safety and security, comprehensive amenities
Applications: First responder command centers, emergency control sites, on-site medical facilities

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