Garage & Roll-up Doors

Customize your tent structures with garage and roll-up tent doors from InTents Services. We offer a diverse range of door options designed to enhance the functionality and accessibility of your tent structures, ensuring efficient movement of employees, heavy equipment, and oversized items.

Single Personnel Doors

Ideal for creating safe entry and exit points for individuals attending your event or working at your site.

Double Personnel Doors

For larger volumes of traffic, our double personnel doors provide spacious access.

Double Glass Doors

Enhance the aesthetics of your tent structure with double glass doors, allowing ample natural light and offering an inviting entrance.

Roll-up Doors

Achieve efficient and flexible access with roll-up doors that can be installed anywhere along the tent structure’s perimeter.

Open Walls

Our open wall design offers unrestricted access and a seamless transition from the outdoors to your tent space.

Removable Tent Walls

Customize your tent by adding removable walls, allowing you to create an open-air environment or enclose your space as needed.

Efficient Access

Our garage and roll-up doors are the perfect solution for facilitating the safe and streamlined flow of people and equipment into and out of your tent structures. Whether you’re planning an event or managing an industrial site, our doors are designed to optimize access points for your specific requirements.


Safety is paramount for any event or industrial project. At InTents Services, we prioritize safety and adhere to the highest industry standards. Our experienced team excels in designing and erecting structures that meet your safety needs. We work closely with you to create a safe, functional, and efficient tent environment.