Sidewalls & Curtains

Enhance the versatility and functionality of your tent structures with our premium curtains and sidewalls. Whether you’re seeking privacy, protection from the elements, or a more refined appearance, our selection of materials ensures that every type of tent meets your specific needs.

Vinyl Sidewalls

Add privacy and insulation to your tent with our vinyl sidewalls. Crafted from durable, fire-resistant materials, these sidewalls are a safe and cost-effective solution. Choose from white, clear, or white with windows to suit your preferences.

Glass Sidewalls

Elevate your tent’s appearance with our elegant glass sidewalls. They enclose the tent space from floor to ceiling while allowing natural light to filter in. Create an ambiance that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor elements with these sophisticated sidewalls.


For a more permanent and durable structure, our resilient hardwalls are an excellent choice. Insulated hardwalls provide shelter from inclement weather while enhancing acoustics and light control. They are perfect for events that demand a higher level of comfort and sophistication.


Sidewalls and curtains hang from the tent eaves, allowing you to create private spaces within a larger single structure.


Protect your event attendees from the elements with our sidewalls and curtains, ensuring that your event can proceed smoothly, rain or shine.

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Contact us today to explore the options for adding tent curtains and sidewalls to your rental units. We offer a range of choices for clients nationwide, with a particular focus on the Gulf Coast region.

Safety is paramount at InTents Services, and our experienced team is well-versed in designing and erecting short- or long-term shelters for various applications, including construction, warehouse storage, plant shutdowns, fabrication, special events, and employee break areas. We prioritize meeting the highest safety standards at your destination or industrial job site.