Clear Span Structure Tents

Enhance your industrial or commercial project with the refined design of clear span structure tents, brought to you by InTents Services. These heavy-grade tents offer a fresh and unobstructed setup for a wide range of functions, from manufacturing and warehousing to corporate events and beyond.

Clear span structure tents are engineered to provide maximum unobstructed interior space without the need for interior columns or legs, ensuring a streamlined setup process and elegant setting.

Engineered with aluminum frames and heavy-grade kedered vinyl, clear span structure tents boast wind ratings of 75 MPH sustained and 95 MPH gust wind rating, providing the durability and confidence you need.

These tents are adaptable to changing project needs. Whether your production increases or decreases, clear span industrial tents can have bays added or removed to fit your specific requirements.

Ensures structural stability and longevity.

Durable and corrosion-resistant components.

A unique attachment mechanism that enhances wind resistance.

Delivers added strength and stability.

Allows for flexibility and versatility.

Streamlined appearance with no obstructive exterior lines.