Elevate the atmosphere of your event or project with our versatile tent lighting solutions at InTents Services. Whether you’re planning an industrial plant turnaround, corporate meeting, industry conference, or a special event, we have the lighting options to create the perfect ambiance.

Low-Bay LED Lighting

Ideal for illuminating spaces with low ceilings, low-bay LED fixtures provide exceptional visibility while minimizing reflections, making them perfect for plant turnarounds, product manufacturing, warehousing, and worker break areas. Safety and productivity go hand in hand with this proven lighting solution.

Par Can Lighting

Create vibrant and dynamic lighting effects with par can fixtures, adding a touch of flair to your event. These fixtures are versatile and adaptable, allowing you to achieve the desired look and feel for your function.

Audio-Video Accents

Enhance your event with audio-video accents that captivate your audience. Whether you need audiovisual solutions for presentations or entertainment, we offer lighting options that complement your audiovisual setup.

Lighted Emergency Exits

Safety is paramount in any event. Our lighted emergency exit signs provide clear guidance to the nearest exit points, featuring a low-profile design, weather resistance, and minimal energy consumption. Ensure the well-being of your guests with our reliable exit lighting.

Custom Lighting Services

From custom patterns and projections to large-scale stage or workplace visibility, InTents Services can provide tailored lighting services for events of all types and sizes. Let your creativity shine with our custom lighting options.

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Contact us today to customize your tent lighting and bring your vision to life for every celebration or project. Our lighting options are available to clients nationwide, with a particular focus on the Gulf Coast region. Let us illuminate your event with brilliance and style.

When you choose InTents Services for your lighting needs, our dedicated team will assist you every step of the way. We’ll evaluate your tent’s intended function and recommend the optimal lighting solution to achieve your desired atmosphere. From delivery to installation, count on us for a seamless lighting experience.