Oil & Gas

Elevating Operations Nationwide, Specializing in the Gulf Coast

With a steadfast commitment to safety, quality, and expertise, we provide specialized tent and structure solutions that elevate oil and gas operations across the Gulf Coast.

A Trusted Partner

InTents Services is your reliable partner in oil and gas operations. We bring training, experience, and certified TWIC-approved project management and installers to ensure seamless project execution. Our employees adhere to the highest safety standards, following plant-specific guidelines to the letter.

Quality and Expertise

Our engineered structures, installed by seasoned crews, withstand sustained winds of up to 75 MPH and wind gusts of 95 MPH. Every component undergoes meticulous inspection before deployment, ensuring strict adherence to company and industry standards. Quality isn’t just our promise; it’s a cost-saving investment that enhances schedules.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Plant turnarounds
  • Refinery shutdowns
  • On-site meeting spaces
  • Multi-use structures for warehouse, fabrication, & personnel
  • Climate-controlled break areas
  • Lunch areas
  • Shelter for weather delays
  • Cool-down and restroom areas

Weather Event Preparedness

Our structures provide shelter during weather delays, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Enhanced Safety

Adherence to rigorous safety standards ensures the well-being of your personnel.

Proximity Efficiency

Safe structures positioned near projects result in labor and time savings.


InTents Services offers structures that adapt to your project’s evolution over time.

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Explore how InTents Services can customize solutions that maximize safety and productivity. We proudly serve clients nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.

We’re dedicated to advancing oil and gas operations with tailor-made shelter solutions. Our unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and professionalism ensures that your projects thrive in challenging environments.