Warehouse Storage

Enjoy easy access to your inventory with the warehouse storage options from the team at In Tents Services, LLC. Our company offers temporary warehouse structure products for clients in any industry.

Business cycles dictate days when your shelves are empty and other days when the shelves are full. These cycles are out of your control and your ability to deal with the business cycle is often limited by your warehousing capability, whether it’s too small or too large.

ClearSpan structures with 75 MPH sustained and 95 MPH gust wind ratings are essentially temporary buildings. These temporary warehouse storage structures can be moved easily if your business moves or you need to respond to an opportunity in another location immediately to take advantage of the market that day.

In Tents Services visits your site and learns about the needs of your business. We provide multiple commercial tent options which will be a solution for today and possibly for years to come. We want to address not only where you are but where you are going. Call us today and let's talk about possibilities and how to really take advantage of the market for your hard-working company.


  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Rain gutters
  • Glass Door Units
  • Glass Wall System
  • Single Personnel Doors
  • Double Metal Doors
  • Flooring System
  • Anchoring
  • Lining & Curtain
  • Hard Wall System
  • Transparent PVC Cover & Sidewall
  • Weight Plates

Contact us to utilize our tents for each of your storage needs. Our products and services are designed for clients nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.