Safety Trailers

Be ready for the unknown with the equipment options from In Tents Services, LLC. Our company offers safety trailer structures that keep you and your crews protected from the elements. Turn to us to learn more about our mobile shelter options for every project.

In Tents Services not only supplies temporary tent structures for safety, production, storage and special events, but we also provide additional safety equipment and tent accessories [link to Tent Accessories Page] that keeps you and your crews working and safe from the elements.

Safety trailers have become a quick and easy way to provide mobile shelter from rain, heat, and wind. These tow-behind trailers are easy to transport, easy to hook up to, and are a very inexpensive way to prevent overheating and sunstroke to your co-workers.

Our 21’ trailer is covered on three sides with side walls and has a bench seat, lights, and a swamp cooler fan with a water storage tank - all complete in one package.

Additional Specifications

  • 2" 5/16 Ball Hook Up Trailer
  • 2 Bench Seats that Will Accommodate 8 -10 people
  • Overhead Lights that Hook Up to a 110 Volt Outlet
  • 2 x 110 Volt Convenient Plugs
  • Swamp Cooler Fan that has a Built-In Water Tank for Additional Fan for Cooling

These safety trailers are simple to move, making them perfect for crews to take to job sites. They provide a safe place to cool down, take a break, and get out of the heat. We can provide these safety trailers for long-term rentals, short-term projects, and also for purchase. Let us be part of your safe and successful project.


Fan Cool Down

Fan CDC has a 36" Evaporative Cooling Fan and 275 Gallon water tank. 

Lunch Room Cool Down

Lunch Room can be equipped with a 36" or 48A" Evaporative Cooling Fan and 275 gallon water tank or with 2-110Volt 15,000 btu Air Conditioner.

A/C Cool Down

A/C CDC's are equipped with 2-110 Volt, 15,000btu air conditioners wired through external disconnect for safety disconnect switch

Intrinsically safe Fan

36" or 48" Intrinsically Safe fan models available

Warm Up

  Warm Up Corrals are equipped with 2 – 110V, 12,000 BTU Heat pumps wired with external fused disconnects  (9900 BTU mechanical/3500 BTU electric strip) or 230V heat pumps available with 480V conversion package upon request  

All Models are equipped with:


  • Metal insulated roof and front wall
  • Inside and outside safety lights
  • Exit sign with Battery backup
  • 1 stabilizing, leveling jack located on each corner
  • Fold down steps with hand rail
  •  Fire Extinguisher
  • Clear, fire retardant sidewalls
  • 4 external tie down points     

Contact us to use our safety trailer for protection from the elements. Our trailer and tent options are available nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.