Tent HVAC Unit

Shop for the right climate-control equipment for your structure when you turn to us at In Tents Services, LLC. Our company features tent HVAC unit, power rental, and tent generator options for spaces of all sizes and locations.

At our company, we not only offer ClearSpan structure tents ], but we carry the accessories you need for your event. We offer a variety of climate-control equipment to fit your needs during any season. Our team carefully selects equipment for every function, and we handle any tent electrical distribution needs.

No matter what type of event you are hosting, we have everything you need. We are happy to supply structures, climate control systems, and the power you need to run the unit. For your convenience, we also provide portable generators, trailer-mounted diesel generators, cables, and distro panels.

Standalone 10 Ton & 20 Ton Vertical Style Units

  • Heating & Cooling for Tents
  • Units that Take Up Very Little Space
  • Units that Install Within the Tent Structure to Create a Clean & Nonintrusive Look
  • Units that Supply both Air Conditioned & Heat within the Same Units
  • Units that Require No Duct Work for Supply or Return Air
  • Units that Are Controlled By Thermostats To Be User-Friendly
  • Units that Also Have Capabilities for Small Electrical Distribution
  • Units that Are either 208 Volt or 480 Volt Machines

Factory Style Units

We can also provide larger factory style units based on your application needs, including:

  • Ductable Units Where Space is Very Limited
  • Larger Units that Need Higher Air Volume or Static Pressure
  • 208 Volt or 480 Volt Machines

In Tents Party Supply is a 'one stop' company that can supply all your needs from the structure, climate control and the power to run it. In Tents Party Supply can also provide the portable generators and electrical distribution for the HVAC equipment and other electrical needs. Our inventory consists of the total package that includes trailer-mounted diesel generators in all sizes, cable for equipment, distro panels, and much more.

Speak with us today and we will be happy to help you design and select the right equipment for your project.

Contact to rent a tent HVAC unit for every climate. We offer a series of options for clients nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.