Tent Flooring

Add a fresh feeling to your temporary structures with new tent flooring from the team at In Tents Services, LLC. Our selection of tent carpet and other materials will help you create the right atmosphere throughout every part of your units.

Provide stable surfaces built to withstand high-traffic, demanding environments inside your tent structure with premium floor and carpet systems from our team. We offer flooring and carpeting for rent for manufacturing production, industrial site break areas, corporate meetings, trade or industry conferences, warehouse storage, and special events.

Customize your tent with a variety of durable flooring systems, which include UltraDeck™, DuraDeck™, modular, scaffold, beam and plywood laydown, and carpet or turf. Custom flooring options are also available. Whether your application is on concrete, gravel, grass, sand, or any other solid subsurface, In Tents Services can meet your tent flooring system needs.

Tent Flooring Types

UltraDeck: Obtain safe, rigid flooring with optimal load-bearing capacity for your event while protecting the natural surfaces underneath with UltraDeck flooring surfaces. A unique rib pattern design minimizes concentrated surface contact, which can cause turf burn and browning. Cross module drainage channels prevent water buildup and allow normal water drainage during rainy conditions.

DuraDeck: Create a semi-permanent portable roadway and working platform for vehicles and equipment weighing up to 80 tons with DuraDeck ground protection and access mats. Designed to flex and follow ground contours without cracking or breaking, DuraDeck is ideal for a variety of surfaces including but not limited to food service structures. The flooring surface can meet health codes and is weatherproof, durable and can withstand extreme weather.

Modular Flooring: Achieve a model event surface with adaptive modular flooring systems from In Tents Services. Modular flooring is adaptable to uneven surfaces to provide a level solid floor and can be covered with your choice of turf or carpet.

Scaffold Flooring: Transform uneven terrain into a seamless surface with innovative scaffold flooring systems. From waterfront to mountainous, our engineers specialize in providing seamless, level foundations. Constructed from steel tubing, wooden timbers, and heavy-duty plywood, our scaffold flooring systems can create raised seating areas for optimal viewing or lift temporary structures off the ground to compensate for uneven landscapes.

Tent Safety

From industrial carpet in standard colors to plush carpet in lively shades, small entryways to expansive spaces, our team has you covered. Whether the function is a trade show, private party or manufacturing site facility, safety is always a primary concern. In Tents Services is dedicated to erecting secure structures with safe and reliable flooring systems.

Contact us to add our tent flooring to your rental structure. We offer a variety of different material options to create a safe setup in units nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.