Environmental Tent

Purchase or rent the ideal environmental tent when you turn to the team at In Tents Services, LLC for service. At our company, we offer a range of products for clients, including hazmat tent options and other industrial tent structure services.

As a team, we take pride in being able to offer our customers a range of options that most other tent companies are unable to do. For us, the customer comes first, and we train our employees to understand just how important each customer is to us. In Tents Services is willing to invest in specialized training such as HAZMAT, RAD, HAZWHOPPER, Site Specifics, and much more to make sure our services are safe and specialized for your project. One specific area that we offer service to is the environmental industry.

This industry includes remediation work, clean up or spill work, emergency or disaster work, excavation work, and new and/or demobilization work in certain classified areas. In Tents Services provides some of the newest equipment in the industry. Without the right service or training to install or maintain these structures, this equipment then simply becomes a commodity. We can provide you with the right personnel and the right equipment to make difficult projects easier.

Our tent structures in the environmental market can be used in both a rental application and a purchase application. Our tent sizes vary from 10’ wide up to 100’ wide and even bigger. These ClearSpan structures can be built with different leg heights, different type gables, custom bay sections, and in many cases, they can be custom built for your specific needs. Our tent structure system allows us the flexibility to build your tent the way you need it and also provides the ability to change and modify the size during your project. We understand that sometimes environmental projects have to change and adapt to different conditions. Our team members use their experience to help make necessary changes possible and efficient.

Please contact one of our tent specialists today and we will happily evaluate your project and select the best service, equipment, and options available.

Contact us to use our environment tents at your site. We offer our products for clients nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.