Disaster Relief Tents

It is near impossible to accurately predict when severe weather will strike. After a storm, companies and communities might be faced with little to no means for shelter or safety. In Tents Services, LLC is here to help you recover. Our disaster relief tents are a safe and secure place that can be used for shelter and other needs. Speak with us to use our emergency control site tent at your location.

After Mother Nature strikes, you want to get back to normal as soon as possible. We are here to help you with a solution for your needs. While damage is being assessed and products are exposed to the elements, you might need a place for people to safely congregate. We are proud to provide temporary structures that can be mobilized quickly and safely.

Our structures vary in many sizes from 10’ wide to 100’ wide, and they are available in a number of lengths. We can also equip these structures with flooring, climate control, power, lights, and other features. Whether you need a command center for your response group or warehouse storage for your company’s inventory, our tents are the ideal solution. Speak with us for fast mobilization of our products:

Examples of Disaster Relief Tents Include

  • First Responder Command Centers
  • Emergency Control Sites
  • On-Site Medical Facilities
  • Safety Facilities for Personnel & Equipment
  • Dining Structures
  • Sleeping Structures
  • Warehouse Structures for Products & Equipment
  • On-Site Meeting, Planning, & Coordination Gathering Points

INTENTSSERVICES, LLC, with its experience and products, can provide a temporary structure to fit your need during hard times. Our products, our wide range of sizes, and our styles provide a service that can adapt to many different situations. Our structures can also be equipped with flooring, climate control, power, lights, and other comforts that get you back in business as soon as possible. These structures can be mobilized and installed in days and available for both rental and purchase.

Contact us to rent our disaster relief tents for your location. We help aid recovery in sites nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.