ClearSpan Structure Tents

Create a fresh and clear setup for your event with the options from In Tents Services, LLC. ClearSpan™ structure tents deliver a streamlined design for every function. Turn to us to use our heavy-grade tent for the ideal setting for your events.

ClearSpan structure tents are engineered to provide maximum unobstructed interior space without interior columns or legs. These tents can be equipped with climate control, hard walls, and an industrial-grade floor. The tent roof is engineered to evenly distribute weight with all the weight bearing legs on the long sides of the structure. ClearSpan structure tents provide the most flexibility for projects, including but not limited to: special events, commercial projects, bulk storage, fabrication, warehouse application, and much more.

As your project changes, these ClearSpan industrial tents are adaptable to change. If your production increases or decreases, these structures are capable of having bays added or removed to fit that specific need. Strong, safe and reliable, these structures are engineered with aluminum frames and heavy grade *kedered vinyl to provide wind ratings of 75 MPH sustained and 95 MPH gust wind rating. These ratings provide the strength and confidence you expect from a temporary building on your site.

*Tent Keder is an attachment mechanism that connects PVC sheeting/vinyl to a rail or tented structure. This unique design eliminates wear and tear caused by wind and is used in all our ClearSpan structures.

Benefits of ClearSpan Structure Tents

  • 4-Channel Aluminum Frame
  • Galvanized Steel Connection Pieces
  • Kedered Fabric System
  • Bar Tensioned Roof System
  • Interchangeable Parts between Sizes
  • No Exterior Guy Lines Required

Optional Accessories

  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Rain Gutter
  • Glass Door Units
  • Glass Wall System
  • Flooring System
  • Anchoring
  • Lining & Curtain
  • Hard Wall System
  • Transparent PVC Cover & Sidewall
  • Weight Plates

Safety Certifications & Affiliations

  • TTS


  • ISTC

  • HASC

  • TWIC

  • DISA

  • CSC


  • IFAI

  • CRA

  • TRA

  • ARA

  • SAM

  • ACIT

  • TCC

  • LCIA

  • IFAI

  • Alliance Safety Council

Contact to create a fresh setup with our ClearSpan structure tents. We proudly work with clients nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.