Agriculture Tent

Don’t let nature destroy the investment you have made in your crops. With an agriculture tent from In Tents Services, LLC, you will give your product a safe and secure storage location. Speak with our team to learn more about our options for your agriculture warehouse setup.

We understand that fruit and vegetable freshness is a time-sensitive matter that can easily be shortened by weather conditions and packaging. Protecting your inventory from the elements, especially during a very hot climate, is critical to your bottom line. 

When your warehouse storage is not adequate or if it is not conveniently located to the product, In Tents Services has options that will help you protect your harvest.

We can provide all your permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary storage needs throughout the nation. We cover all of the major agricultural product groups:

  • Foods, Fibers, Fuels, & Raw Materials
  • Specific Foods Including Cereals (Grains), Vegetables, Fruits, Oils, Meats, & Spices
  • Fibers Including Cotton, Wool, Hemp, Silk, & Flax
  • Raw Materials Including Lumber & Bamboo

Contact us to prevent your investments with an agriculture tent. We proudly offer top options for clients nationwide, with a focus on the Gulf Coast.